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“Music instills sense of joy” – Elizabeth S.

“Music is powerful stuff…it does all kinds of beautiful and amazing things to the brain and the heart. – Jessica T.

WOW!  What a season!  Thank you for sharing our love of music and performing with us.

To recap our 40th season, we had 5 great concerts – 2 in December where we worked with 6 Hillside Angels from the Andrews Trahey school.  They captivated both us (GVOC collectively) and our audiences and we are grateful for how they gave of themselves for the December 2015 concerts.

Then we shook things up when we “Rocked with GVOC” for our annual dinner concert/silent auction.  While outside of our traditional repertoire, it was fun to go back in time and celebrate a different style of music and push ourselves in that way.

We wrapped up the season with a concert dedicated to beautiful music.  We brought old and new together…perhaps it was an ‘old’ song done in a new way, or a brand new commissioned piece (“898 Hildegard”) that borrowed from ancient text and was set to modern rhythms.

All in all, the 40th GVOC season was special in a number of ways.  We honored our past and continue to look forward to a bright and vibrant future.  This year, we took on Community outreach in a new way, and with the support and dedication of our amazing membership, we were able to put forth 5 additional outreach concerts, in libraries around the region and other assisted living facilities/nursing homes.

A special year indeed, built on the foundation of amazing, giving musicians and singers.  Thank you!

We look now to the next season and are busy planning the details, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.  Stay tuned for updates on when the season subscriptions will be available!  In the meantime, if you liked what you heard or are as excited about our future as we are, then you can always help support us through donations as we are a nearly 100% volunteer group, and only exist because of generous patrons like yourself.

Lynn Duffy

President, GVOC Board of Directors