The Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus is busy preparing for its May 19th concert which sets gorgeous music to sacred lyrics.

GVOC takes up the challenge to provide a program of music that is different and beautiful.  We must provide a warning that the central work of the program, Martin Palmeri’s Misa a Buenos Aires, just might make it very, very difficult for you to stay still in your seat.

The work tastefully honors two traditions of Argentinean culture: its Catholicism and its Tango.

The program also features works by the legendary Astor Piazzolla, and will include other choral and instrumental music inspired by dance. Rarely heard in Rochester, enjoy the Bandoneón, the unique, Argentinean type of accordion that is essential to the Argentinean tango and to the repertoire on
this program.

Click the image above to open full size poster with details.

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