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Music Director Job Description Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus

The Position Summary

The Music Director is responsible for the overall artistic vision for the Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus (GVOC), providing artistic direction for the planning of music programs in conjunction with the Program Committee, and leading rehearsals and performances. The Music Director is the principal independent contractor selected and hired by the Board of GVOC. The position is a non-voting member of the GVOC Board of Directors.


PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION OF PROGRAMS: The Music Director serves as the principal conductor of GVOC rehearsals and performances. The Music Director works in concert with the Program Committee and the Board in the planning and implementation of concert programs for the upcoming season, including repertoire, venues, and dates, in a timely manner. GVOC performs up to three concerts annually, with up to five additional community outreach concerts. The Music Director makes final program decisions. Music selections will be diverse, based in traditional, popular, unique, or other commissioned works, and consistent with the talents and abilities of members, as well as the musical tastes of our local audiences.

REHEARSALS: The Music Director schedules and leads rehearsals and selects accompanists, soloists, and supplemental artists as needed and budgeted. The Music Director conducts separate rehearsals for the chorus and orchestra, giving focused attention to learning the repertoire, then conducts combined dress rehearsals leading up to the concerts. The Music Director encourages and coaches members to develop their musical abilities through personal practice and private lessons and provides guidance and opportunities for improvement (such as practice tracks), as resources permit. The Music Director maintains professional decorum.

AUDITIONS AND OUTREACH: The Music Director is GVOC’s principal representative within the community. The Music Director plans and conducts auditions for potential orchestra and chorus members and works with the Nominating and Membership Committee to build membership. The Music Director participates in outreach to the community, develops liaisons with other local arts organizations, and participates in GVOC fundraising, social activities, and special events.

Position Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in music performance, music education, or a closely related field
  • Keyboard proficiency, singing competency, and conducting experience
  • Ability to demonstrate and communicate musical concepts effectively to musicians of many ages, backgrounds, and abilities
  • An advanced understanding of music theory, repertoire, and musical techniques
  • Effective time management and organizational skills to keep rehearsals productive and engaging
  • Ability to engage and create community within the membership and the public, generating excitement around performances and special events
  • A positive record for building and growing a volunteer community music organization
  • Ability to provide, in collaboration with the GVOC Board of Directors, a vision and a strategic direction for the future, ensuring that the organization continues to grow and thrive

About GVOC

Founded in 1976, GVOC is a nonprofit community-based organization dedicated to providing musical growth opportunities for its members, and to enriching the lives of area residents by providing high quality musical performances throughout the Genesee Valley. GVOC has developed a repertoire ranging from spirituals to show tunes and folk songs to oratorios.

The Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus aspires to be:

  • A thriving, diverse organization that reaches out to audiences of all ages, races, religions, cultures, and geographic regions within the Genesee Valley.
  • A model community performing group, committed to the highest standards of performance, to collaboration with community partners, and to sound organizational management.

GVOC welcomes all members without regard to age, race, religion, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability. The criteria for membership are ability to sing or to play a musical instrument as evidenced in an audition, consistent participation in rehearsals and concerts, and adherence to the Member Guidelines.