Sign up sheets were displayed at the annual meeting on 6/21/17. If you missed the meeting, please sign up for a committee.  Any questions, just contact Thanks!

Fundraising: Annual Contributions:

This committee does the following: solicit donor base for contributions, expand donor base

Fundraising:  Business Sponsorships (program):

Purpose:  solicit local businesses for sponsorships, create/update/print programs, track and report sponsorship $.

Fundraising: Corporate Sponsors:

Purpose:  develop connections with corporate sponsors to encourage donations/support.

Fundraising: Grants

Purpose:  Help prepare grant applications as they come up throughout the year.  Requires attention to detail and keen writing skills.

House: Box Office

Purpose:   sell tickets, will-call, account for $ received, train ushers, control access, collect tickets, etc.

House: Venue Setup

Purpose:  risers, seating, sound & lights, restore venue to proper condition after concert.

Membership Committee

Purpose:  recruit members & directors, develop plans to attract new members.

Music Programming

Purpose:  plan season – schedule, music selection, venues.  Order music, distribute music.

Nominating Committee

Purpose:  educate candidates on by laws, present candidates to board, present officers to board.

Outreach Committee

Purpose:  providing music to people who might not otherwise have access to it, raising the awareness of our group, establishing community relations and partnerships.

Publicity Committee

Purpose:  publicize GVOC and its activities within the community, including press releases, posters, brochures, photography, interviews, website design and content and other means including direct marketing to developed mailing lists.

Social Committee

Purpose:  planning and coordinating social activities.