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May 2017 – Tango at the Tabernacle

The Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus did it once again Friday evening May 19th with an exquisite performance of the ‘Misa a Buenes Aires’ by Martin Palmer.  It is challenging to perform a combination of the sacred text of the mass with the rhythms of the ‘tango’ and GVOC did just that, with style and grace. The added selections were beautiful as were the featured soloists Yvonne Trobe, soprano and Iskra Alex Alexandria, accordion. Especially memorable was the closing of the Agnes Dei at the very end of the concert! One could hear a pin drop.  Congratulations to one and all and thank you.
– Terry Davis, Ithaca, NY

Who knew mass music could be so unique and fun?!
-Andrea Meier

May 2015 – Opera Goes to Church

Music restores sense of joy

As I age in this loud, overwhelming, bad news society I hear myself at times making statements that are less than positive about our world in general, our country and our city. I was, therefore, shocked by an outstanding happening last Friday evening.

A friend invited us to enjoy a performance by the Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus at the Church of the Assumption in Fairport. This was a low charge performance titled “Opera Goes To Church,” and our expectations were none other than to look forward to our friend singing.

I am struggling with words that would explain the surprise we felt when the incredibly beautiful music began filling our souls. Music resounding into the depth of our being and releasing such joy. How does one thank a group of people for bringing back a balance of what is beautiful in this often maligned society?

– Elizabeth S, Pittsford

I had a friend who said it was the best $12 he ever spent and another who said it was a holy moment in her life.
– Lita Boudakian, GVOC member

A man was telling his friends about the phenomenal concert that he had attended.  He raved about the choir, the orchestra, the soloists, the violin solo, and the conductor to his 3 friends who all agreed that they would have to look for our next concert!

– Marla Schweppe, GVOC member
Outstanding response by the audience. I was told by many that they will never miss a GVOC concert.
– Betty Fleishacker, GVOC member

March 2014 – All Creatures Great and Small:  A Musical Menagerie

The concert at Eagle Vale was one for the record books. My husband and I loved it! The music was wonderfully chosen and beautifully performed. It was an evening to remember in every good way.  We also attended the Christmas concert and had the same reaction: beautiful music, beautifully done; nothing from “Messiah” for a change, but all very appropriate to the season. No wonder there was a huge audience – people left there happy that they had been a part of it.  Keep up the terrific work, please.
– Carol Ritter Wright

December 2013 – A Christmas Garland

The Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus outdid themselves at a most outstanding holiday concert on Saturday evening, December 7th, at the Perinton Presbyterian Church.  A variety of musical selections from Bach ‘s “Wachet Auf” cantata, Christmas spirituals, John Rutter’s delightful Brother Heinrich’s Christmas, and many more highlighted the musicianship, talent and hard work of this stunning community group! Congratulations GVOC for giving us yet another wonderful performance! – T.D.

Many selections of various genres kept me fondly entertained for two full hours! From the challenging “Wachet Auf” Cantata to the delightful narration of “Brother Heinrich’s Christmas,” it is apparent the depth of talent in GVOC! – Andrea Meier

December 2012 – With Joyous Note
“Wonderful GVOC concert tonight! I thought there was much more enthusiasm than ever before. Dynamics and enunciation were great. I especially liked having much less accompaniment which allowed voices to be heard. Program choices were good, too. And, what a nice big audience! Merry Christmas!” – Judy Karsten

“What I really liked about the Christmas concert was the variety of music. I especially enjoyed the woodwind quintet. Over-all, the performance was fantastic!” – Craig D. Hill